Interested candidates may email their cover letter & resume to info@ArmstrongTutoring.com

Why join Armstrong's team of tutors...
1.   We are independently owned and operated, not a franchise.  We care about our tutors and will work with you every step of the way.
2.   We offer very competitive fees.
3.   You will work with your students in a comfortable setting.
4.   You choose the hours  you want to work.
5.   You only tutor subjects within your expertise.
6.   Students can be scheduled back-to-back.
7.   Our students have an excellent attendance rate.

What we require of our tutors...
1.   You must have a passion for helping students reach their full academic potential.
2.   You must be responsible and prompt.
3.   You must hold a bachelor's degree or higher.
4.   You must have at least one year of previous experience as a teacher or tutor.
5.   You must consent to a nationwide criminal background check.
6.   You must sign and adhere to our Independent Contractor's Agreement and Restrictive Covenant Agreement.

What we expect from our tutors…
1.   Professionalism - Every time you communicate with our office, our parents, or our students, we expect you to act with decorum. 
2.   Performance – We regularly request feedback from parents.  We expect positive reviews.
3.   Honesty – We expect our tutors to be honest at all times.
4.   Reliability – We expect our tutors to follow through on any commitments made to parents or students.